A partition composed of a number of large panels which are hung from a ceiling track, permitting the panels to be moved easily from their closed position

Product Description

OPERABLE WALL are rolling, mobile, folding room dividers which provide temporary walls in place of traditional non mobile products such as operable walls, accordion partitions, cubicles, pipe and drape, and shoji screens. They fold and are on wheels enabling mobility and ease of storage. The portable wall partition has two full panel end members which provide support, rigidity, privacy and noise reduction.[1]

Portable partitions are used to divide space quickly where non-mobile permanent room dividers may be unavailable or impracticable. They may also be used as a convenient sight divider to conceal door openings to restrooms, commercial kitchens and other backroom areas.

Modern day partitions often use features like expanding mechanical floor and ceiling seals to achieve a higher level of acoustic separation.