Acoustic panels are effective in absorbing sound and controlling noise. In a recording studio, for instance, this material allows for the capturing of crisp and clear sound whether spoken words or music performed live through the use of musical instruments. In home theaters, installing the material will achieve an atmosphere similar to a cinema such that movie sounds are captured and understood clearly by viewers.

Sizes for these acoustical panels vary depending on how you will use them. Standard sizes are available but custom sizes can also be ordered. The minimum standard size is 2″ x 4″ while the maximum is 48″ x 120″. Thickness can range from 3/4 inches to three inches although it is also possible to customize it according to your exact specifications. The larger sizes can be installed with a stand such that it is possible to move them around but still be able to enjoy good acoustics.


Product Description

An acoustic board is a special kind of board made of sound absorbing materials. Its job is to provide sound insulation. Between two outer walls sound absorbing material is inserted and the wall is porous. Thus, when sound passes through an acoustic board, the intensity of sound is decreased. The loss of sound energy is balanced by producing heat energy.